ABC is a personal project to expand my skillset with 3D Programms like Blender. The goal is to create a series of letters, each having focus on a special technique such as glass, shattering, hair, liquids etc.


USED PROGRAMMS: Blender, Adobe Photoshop

DATE: 2017


DENNIS BODENMANN: 3D Models, Visual Effects, Post Effects

Focus: Scene composition, lightning, workflow in a bigger project. The letter "J" is symbolized by mushrooms.

Focus: Textured materials, grass simulation

Focus: PBR materials

Focus: Custom particles and reflecting materials

Focus: Anamorphose, high quality video rendering.

Focus: Smoke Particles formed to an ink drop. Rendering a clip.

Focus: Short time city building.

Focus: Advanced techniques for hair/fur simulation. Use of multiple light sources.

Focus: Importing and extruding forms made in Adobe Illustrator

Focus: Shattering of glass with a point of impact.